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The Biersal Story

According to German mythology, a Biersal is a beer loving, cellar dwelling gnome who will clear and clean beer steins in exchange for a daily jug of beer. The Biersal Food Truck creates food that is inspired by beer cultures from around the world and incorporates local beers and local ingredients. Chef and owner Matt Schooner has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years in San Diego, San Francisco, Berkeley and Marin California. Born and raised in Northern California, Matt moved to San Diego in the late 1990s, working in restaurants at night so he could skate during the day. Eventually cooking became a driving passion, taking Matt back up to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he pursued his love of food, skateboarding and beer. While living in the Bay Area Matt began homebrewing, turning a coat closet into a fermentation room for his first batch of home brew, a classic pale ale. Before returning to San Diego, Matt worked as the Chef of the Main House at Skywalker Ranch where he was able to incorporate produce grown onsite in the organic garden into the daily menu. Matt is still an avid homebrewer and skateboarder and is looking forward to bringing his food to the many tasting rooms in San Diego.

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